Learning Warhammer & 8th - Good 500pt Starting Army?

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Learning Warhammer & 8th - Good 500pt Starting Army?

Postby Arachnomaniak » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:15 pm

Hi Everyone,

My apologies if this is the wrong section for this post!

I have been amassing my Wood Elf army for some time now but haven't had the chance to really learn the game. I own the 7th Edition books but I figured with 8th coming out on Saturday it's best to start playing using 8th rules. I located a local shop and they're now doing games using the new rules from their preview book. I'm told the best way to learn is by starting with an army around 500 points. My question is, what's a good army selection for a 500 point 8th edition game? The bulk of the posts here deal with larger games so I was hoping to get some input.

Currently I have loads of Glade Guard, Eternal Guard, Dryads, Glade Riders, Wild Riders, War dancers, Tree Kin, Warhawk Riders and a Treeman. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get my hands on any of character models like Spellweavers, nobles etc or any Waywatchers but I figured I could just convert some Glade Guard for the Waywachers.

Any unput would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Learning Warhammer & 8th - Good 500pt Starting Army?

Postby Eleven » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:31 pm

Basically I would advise starting at 750 points or even 1000 so you get a little bit of everything into the list. Right now, before the errata has come out we haven't really been able to form strategies or tactics. Some like large units which do well because of their size and other still prefer fielding Many Small Units (MSU). Since you are beginning I would advise you use MSU because you will just be able to get more units in.

I suggest you have at least two sets of 10 Glade Guards with musicians (2 x 126 points)
1-2 Units of Dryads.

And a noble of some sorts that really depends on what other troops you field. If you have the room try to include a Branchwraith with a cluster of Radiants which will always give you an extra dice in your defense and buff your magic defense by 1 (Wizard Lv.1). This model can be put in a unit of Dryads and help clean up shop. I suggest you try to get the enemy unit to join you in a forest where you can treesing them to death while being stubborn yourself. If you have a hard hitting noble to help out then all the better, perhaps a cheap Wardancer Noble to take on the flank. At 1000 points this combination should break most things.

You may also like to include a Unit of 6 Wild Riders with one of the new magic banners which can dish out a lot of hurt if they make it into combat, which they should. A Branchwraith and Dryads to the front and Wild Riders in the flank will probably be more common than with Wardancers and might hurt the enemy a lot more.
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