King arthur in the sbg

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King arthur in the sbg

Postby Fingolfin » Sat Mar 03, 2012 6:36 am

Hey, guys, I recently read the rules for lotr sbg (although not the new sourcebooks and stuff) and I thought they looked pretty cool. Thing is though, I also always thought king arthur was pretty how 'bout king arthur in the sbg!! I've been browsing the internet and found some cool minis. The thing is though, what I found was all romano-british things, and they do look cool! but I'd like a more 'classical' looking king arthur stuff (holy grail comes to mind!! :p ). So, does anyone know about any minis that would suit? Another reason for this is that I don't have any opponents, as I just moved, and I'm thinking that as sbg is about 10'000'000 times cheaper than WF, it should be easier to drag them into starting......hopefully............ :roll:

P.S I thought of using the gondor list for KA :
aragorn : arthur
lancelot : boromir of the white tower
prince of DA : Sir Gawain?
Other heroes for other stuff.....
warriors : men-at-arms
knights of DA : knights (knights of the round table would be captains of DA)
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