Jargobae's ongoing thread of wood elf tactics/experiences.

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Jargobae's ongoing thread of wood elf tactics/experiences.

Postby Jargobae » Sun Aug 07, 2005 11:57 am

Have played 4 games now and have many more in the pipeline so i thought i would start a thread that i could just keep adding to whenever i felt like it about the various units in the wood elf army, how they should be used and how i have used them in my battles.

Feel free to discuss anythign i post here and let us know your own experiences.

Spell Weavers

Ok so i had my first battle using a lord level wizard with the new wood elves and i must say i was thoroughly impressed. I used the lore of athel loren and it is a very good lore.

I am going to reccommend using the new lore over the lore of life simply because you cant amass the spells very easily as your lvl 2's cant have it. Real shame they cant but we must work with what we get.

So in my battle i got tree singing, fury of the forest, the hidden path and the call of the hunt. It was a case of putting my spellweaver into a forest near the center of the board and having a 18 inch diameter range of casting all my spells.

I was really looking forward to using the hidden path to great effect but there were very few buildings and the like on the board. The spells i realy enjoyed using were the fury of the forest and the call of the hunt.

The fury of the forest has evolved to be looked at as the weak spell in the list by some people. However i now realize that you need one damage spell in the mix. The reason for this is because damage spells are what scare opponents and what they will use dice on. I was playing against dark elves and his dark riders were scared to death of having d6 s4/5 shots at them.

In another match where i took a lvl 2 and a branchwraith wizard i got the spell twice (against lizardmen) which allowed me to basically spam the spell until it got through and did very well.

So if you roll the fury of the forest on your spellweaver dont be disheartened. Use it to suck out dispel dice, or wait until that lonely mage jumps out of a unit (fury of the forest is not a magic missile).

Now let me talk for a moment about the call of the hunt.

Best. Spell. Ever.

Youve heard the term game winning? Yes but only on a lvl 4. A casting roll of 11, attempts to cast this spell should always consist of 4 dice. This is why taking a lvl 4 for this spell is so neccasary. If you rolled this spell with a lvl 2 i would be tempted to swap it actually. less than 50% chance of casting is not worth the risk IMO.

However for a lvl 4 with heaps of dice, hey hey!

With my 8 power dice almost all of my magic phases went

bound tree singing - from tree man
fury of the forest - from spell singer/2 dice
fury of the forest - from spellweaver/2 dice

These would suck out the dice

Call of the hunt - from spell weaver/4 dice

three times i got this spell off.

1 - wild riders into cold one chariot. Broke the chariot and panicked another

2 - Dryads into dark riders. Killed them and won my left flank because of it.

3 - Same dryads into Repeater crossbowmen. Killed them, won a table quarter in the last turn.

In total that is something like 500 pts i won because of this spell. The same amount i had spent on magic!

Now there are things to be careful of. The spell says you must move towards the nearest enemy unit. Make sure in your movement phase that the nearest enemy unit is actualy the one you want to charge.

Dont, DONT DONT count on the spell working. For example dont move a unit in front of another unit and expect to be able to magic them in. The enemy does have scrolls! Instead go to their flank where they cant charge you the next turn and try the spell. Minimum risk/maximum reward.

Thats enough about that. After using the spell weaver i must say i am thoroughly impressed. In fact i am slightly worried about the state of my highborn. At this point i think that the spellweaver is a more viable choice.

But how to equip her?

Well obviously she can only take one arcane item, presenting a bit of a struggle.

Wand of the wych elm

For a lvl 4 its not a bad item at all. Just not offensive enough for my tastes. I can see alot of this item coming up and it is a good item. However the biggest problem for me with it is the fact that it costs 55 points. That means you cant take 2 scrolls/stones or whatever

divination orb

useless, especially on her. If you want a defensive item take the wand

deepwood sphere

not a bad item. Especially good if you are the oparanoid type about people coming into your forest and they are out to get you. The little tree singing bonus is noce as well

Calingors stave

Nope. Save this for a lvl 2. If your spellweaver doesnt roll tree singing -awesome! Now you have some of the cooler spells. You dont want to have to feel compelled to swap to tree singing

Ranu's heartstone

My favoured item. At only 20 points it is a bargain. Can prevent that nasty miscast, up your dispel attempt or push one of your casting rolls over the line when you most need it. Best advice is with this one is not to save it to long. If you fail an important dispel attempt in the 2nd turn...use it. If you have to. No point waiting till turn 6 and boosting a treesinging or something.

And lastly about the spellweaver. She may just be your general. If you do take a noble it will probably be a BsB or a alter kindred so no generals there. With this in mind you might want to give her a ward save just in case. However keep her cheap. Nothing is worse than an overly expensive wizard lord general who dies inn the 2nd turn...
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